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Hi everyone my name is Alexis Harmony(I have a full name not revealing my last) I have an older sister named Rylie Annabelle, and 2 younger sisters named Kassidy Isabella, and Kaylie Madelynn and we're all from babw. My mommy is in a wheelchair and I always have fun sitting on her lap doing stuff together. We love watching cardinals games, shopping, singing,(mommy's passion) being on the computer, and watching youtube videos.

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we're baaaack!!!!!!!!! :) - 12/01/2012

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hi guys I have decided to come back to this blog because it's WAY more fun and we weren't find a lot of bears and stuff like that, so here we are back for good :) I have 2 more sister that mommy got for Christmas and lots of clothes for us. Mommy has been into us bunnies like me and my new sister Isabella and wants to get 2 more bunnies maybe and want name suggestions so comment down below for names please we don't know when will get them. Mommy and I are getting into hello kitty stuff too so we got both a tshirt and a red hello kitty dress and super excited to back with u guys.
Bye guys
listening to babw music

I'm moving to a new blog everyone - 06/11/2011

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Here's the link copy and paste www.lexinlauraluadventures.blogger.com bye guys the reason we wanted to move is cause we thought this one u can't really do anything with it like post links to other sites, videos stuff like that so there u go guys

Happy Halloween everyone :D - 01/11/2011

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Here I am as Belle with our bag of candy from the harvest party at church
Here I am as Belle with our bag of candy from the harvest party at church

Picture Description
I'm Belle and this is where we went to get candy :)

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hey guys today was the Harvest party at mommy's church and it was a really fun. Earlier that day mommy and I got ready getting makeup on and discovered that foundation is not as hard as she thought :P I went as Belle mommy and I fav disney princess and mommy called me her little princess

CARDINALS ARE THE WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D - 29/10/2011

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WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cardinals are world series champs and mommy and I were jumping and celebrating the win last night and right now it was amazing :D buildabear has a cards champs 2011 tshirt so maybe we'll get it. In other news we say family today and last night. Today we went to a different mall and saw a mac store and it was big. Now we're just going to hang out at home for the night :)
Bye guys
listening to We Are the Champions-crazy frog

updates about cardinals and us :) - 25/10/2011

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Alright everyone 2 important things 1. Mommy got me new clothes and next time I'll be getting new stuff will be Christmas. 2 Mommy and I should have updated earlier about the cardinals, but we're in the world series and rangers are 3 wins and cardinals are 2 wins. We lost the last 2 games including tonight which made mommy and I really mad, but cards have advantage cuz we're playing at home the rest of series and hopping we can tie it and win the series and that's our story and we're stickin to it :) Another thing more family are coming to visit so we're going to see them this weekend and that's about it from me and next blog hopefully will be a cards being world series champs 2011 :D
bye guys
listening to cardinal cheering songs ;)
Mommy and I are sorry if this doesn't interest you but mommy and I LOVE baseball and we're in cardinal nation and we're the best fans in the world where were from:D

UPDATES for everyone - 12/10/2011

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Here is our family photo :D
Here is our family photo :D

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from R to L: Kassidy Rylie Kaylie amd Lexi(me)

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So SORRY about lack of blogs and stuff so we shall update everyone on what's going on in our lives. Our favorite baseball team are in the NCLS against the brewers we lost the first game and won the second and there's a game today so any bears that are cardinal fans get prayin' and cheering. Grandma was gone for the weekend and she got us 2 blizzard bears the candy one and we're getting the stawberry cheesecake bear and so new fam members and their names are going to be Kassidy Isabella(candy bear) and Kaylie Madelynn(strawberry cheesecake) and Rylie and I can't wait to adopt them :D Besides all of that nothing much happening but hopefully more blogs coming about favorite disney characters. Bye guys
listening to Jolly Holiday-Mary Poppins love mary poppins

Saturday was the most eventful of this weekend - 25/09/2011

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well it was kind of relaxed we were going to do something with Grandma but she ended up not feeling good enough to go, it's been happening a lot lately :( but we just did our thing go malling to look at the disneystore which was fun, party city to look at cotumes and went to see a baseball movie which was an ok movie. We got princess hair stuff from party city, went to babw to get the cat halloween t shirt for me, looked at the disney store to see what was there we found a bunch of costumes like Alice, Belle, and stuff like that :D Hopefully if we do anything this week we shall share with u bears and bunnies or whatever animal u are. Bye guys
listening to the Mad tea party theme-Alice in wonderland movie

shopping and got stuff :) - 20/09/2011

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Today was an ok day we just chilled out in the morning and then we went to the mall for the night and got mac lip glasses and met Tatiana and she was so nice and after that we waited for mom to come and now we're home relaxing ;) We looked at the halloween store and the game stop after to help the time go by we had fun. Mommy was thinking about getting a makeover done sometime but we just got makeup instead so now we're done and ready to maybe do some disney princess face charts. Face charts are drawings that makeup artists put their ideas with different makeup looks so you can make any look you want, their a lot of fun making and look through. Now we're going to watch more videos. Bye guys
listening disney princess music

NEW COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!! that SUPER big :P - 19/09/2011

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hi guys sorry for the lack of blogs not a lot happens when ur stuck at home. Yesterday we got a new BIG computer which so cool thanks to a good friend of ours. Just watching vids on youtube and stuff like that, hopefully blogs will be coming ur way soon guys. bye guys
listening to KH 1 music

Highlights of our weekend - 12/09/2011

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Last week was relaxed compared to the shopping weekend which was really fun, but an ok weekend the highlights were going to a wedding of some friends on mommys and going to Grandma's house but it wasn't all that fun being at Grandma's house. The wedding was beautiful though :) This maybe a radom blog just bacause not a lot happened, On Wendsedays Mommy has to go to the gym which isn't fun for me cuz I have to stay at home but I'm there in spirit and call a ride didn't come until 4:00 which sucked, but not a lot happens in our lives so we blog when we go to the mall and stuff like that. That's why not a lot of blogs are posted any the only blogs that would be posted would be going to the gym. We may post stuff about hobbies and disney soon so look out for that stuff :) Bye guys
listening to VMAs 2011

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6 months old

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I'm with mommy all the time

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I'm a pink bunny with flowers

shopping, music, going to movies, watching videos on youtube, and watching baseball. We love Katy Perry and Lady gaga

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bed with mommy

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chocolate yummy

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When mommy decided to play with me

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going with mommy to the mall and met cool mac cosmetics artists and hopefully more artists

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shopping advetures

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My sister and I don't read much just a lot of stuff about our favorite singers Katy Perry and Lady gaga and history about disney =]

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Katy Perry, Lady gaga, and a lot of disney park stuff

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my sister Rylie, Kassidy, and Kaylie :)......................This STILL doesn't make sense to mommy and I what a strange question :/

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